Musical circuits

Pitch brackets split a melody line into a sequence of line segments. Let’s call the segments nodes. The start of the melody line is typically assigned the pitch of 1. This will be our reference node, our ground node. Each node has a constant pitch […]

Equivelant melody lines

Here is another example of multiple melody lines that describe the same notes. The second line is easier to read than the first because it uses the larger brackets. The third line is interesting because it signifies the importance of the 5th step of the […]

Guido of Arezzo and alternative music notations

If you like pitch bracket notation you may be interested in these other notation systems and resources below. Also, a google image search for “alternative music notation” reveals a wonderful array of notations, some more practical than others. It is not surprising that most of […]

Shared pitch brackets

Melody lines are read and written from left to right, top to bottom. Sequences of melodies often have similar patterns of brackets. Here are four lines from a Chopin nocturne. There are very few changes from one melody line to the next. When brackets line […]

Gestalt interpretation

Gestalt psychology provides a fascinating interpretation of human perception, particularly visual perception. While it is not obvious how Gestalt theory applies to music, we can apply it to pitch bracket notation, thus indirectly apply it to music. When you read a melody line, the matching […]


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